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All of our responses are from real live people, so there could be a delay receiving the key and steps to proceed due to time zone differences, time of day, weekend, or if a holiday long weekend.

As soon as we can, we will reply to the email address you provided with 2 email messages - an email from us with links for setup and recommended tutorials, and a second email that contains your specific instructions to fetch and apply your Activation Key to your already downloaded and installed latest version of AyaNova.

Do download the AyaNova setup file and install to your desktop, and start checking out AyaNova's service management features by following along with the tutorials!

Why do we ask for your name, company name and email address?

We use the information you send us to email you your company's temporary Activation Key, to provide sales support and technicial support to you and your company, and to make AyaNova recommendations and suggestions to you and your company. Also refer to our Privacy Policy for more clarity.

If you have sent a request, but have not received a confirmation email


1. Check the spelling of your email address:

Just in case!


2. Confirm that your email address mailbox is not full:

Your mailbox may have an email quota. And if email forwarding, do check both the email address originally sent to as well as the email address account being forwarded to.


3. Check your Junk folder:

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4. Issues with HotMail or AOL accounts:

If you have sent an email using a HotMail or AOL account ( or, although we may receive it and have sent a reply, you may never receive our emails and we will never be advised that it was rejected by HotMail

You can also check out these two URL links about why not to use a HotMail account if you actually want to receive email from other's that do not have a HotMail account:


5. Your SPAM settings:

Your email program or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is using a spam filter that is filtering out all email from us, or certain email depending on the content.

You may need to edit your email program and/or contact your ISP to allow all email from

Once you have done this, either forward your previous email, or send a new email stating that you did not receive a reply due possibly to a spam filter, and we will resend the information.

We are not made aware by your spam filter that the email has not been received by you. The only way is if you confirm the receipt, or contact us again.

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